Did you know that A popular blogger got sanctioned for his …


Appearing as a high ranking Google result on the web is almost every blogger or website owner’s dream. Unfortunately, this particular blogger got fined exactly for being too popular.

Image Source: FLICKR
Image Source: FLICKR

A French woman named Caroline Doudet decided to write a review on a local restaurant – II Giardino. She expressed her deeperst despise towards the restaurant and the service it provided to its customers. Caroline’s review got so popular that it became more notorious rather than the restaurant itself. Its high rank on Google made the restaurant’s officials sue her. The judge ruled that Caroline had to change the name of the review and pay over $3,000 for scoring a high ranking negative blog. The woman deleted the review, but still had to pay the sanction, since she decided not to plead her case. As it turned out there were other similar reviews of the same restaurant on Google+, TripAdvisor and other sites.
The ironic part is that the II Giardino now gets googled not because of the restaurant itself, but because of Caroline’s popular review and the lawsuit!


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