Did you know that a possible house explosion turned out to be j….


A group of Canadian firefighters were baffled by an untidy home owner’s extremely messy house, which was believed to have been the center of an explosion.

source: Global News Calgary
source: Global News Calgary

Earlier this month an anonymous tipster tipped off the officials in Sanderling Hill, Calgary, about a possible house explosion. A group of firefighters with hazmat masks were sent to the address. They found an extremely messy house with a driveway stacked with trash and scattered personal belongings. The firefighters thought the huge mess was a result of the possible explosion, but it turned out there was no actual explosion. The house owner has basically been keeping his estate extremely messy for quite some time. In fact, official reports state that the local officials have been investigating it several times before. However, the owner was nowhere to be found.


The officials were tipped off by a worried by-passer. There’s no official word if the homeowner will get charged for his mess.


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