Did You Know That A Prisoner On The Run Is Taunting Police With…


Michael McInnes, 23 from Glasgow, Scotland was jailed in 2010 for assault. Due to his previous convictions for different offences McInnes was given 6 years in prison as he was deemed likely to re-offend. Within three years of his sentence McInnes was granted home leave visas.

Image Source: FACEBOOK
Image Source: FACEBOOK

However, McInnes failed to return to the prison in Dundee, Scotland after his home leave was over. But instead of keeping a low profile and staying out of sight, McInnes posted links to newspaper articles about his escape to his Facebook account as well as some pictures of himself partying in a night club.

The fugetive’s Facebook buddies have been quite amused by his exploits and have even ironically titled him “The Hide and Seek Champion”.


The family of the person assaulted by McInnes has been left horrified by the fact that the culprit is on the loose. They hope the police will do their job and catch him as soon as possible.

The authorities are currently trying to locate McInnes and request anyone with information regarding the prisoner to contact them.


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