Did you know that a psychic said she could see divorce in her patient's future then hypnotised …


A happily married man named Jim Gotobed became a victim of a merciless clairvoyant woman who brainwashed him via hypnosis and made him not only spend all his money but also leave his family for her.

Mr. Gotobed was a happily married sales manager living with his wife Josie and their son. Everything between them was perfectly fine until Jim’s behavior suddenly changed dramatically.

Jim met his childhood sweetheart with whom he was deeply in love with once but hadn’t seen in decades. Her name was Tracy Long. They first got in touch on Facebook where Jim found out that she was now a professional psychic. He wanted her to do a reading on him via tarot cards.



When Jim first saw Tracy he immediately felt a special bond between them despite they hadn’t seen each other for years. Jim started seeing Tracy more often. She sometimes hypnotized him during their sessions and then explained to him that his dreams were full of signs of unhappiness. Tracy advised Jim multiple times to leave his family and sell all of his belongings because material stuff had no value in life according to her.

Jim was literally under Tracy’s spell. She made him abandon his family, house and friends and manipulated him into buying her lavish new clothes and generally spending a lot of money on her. Jim bought Tracy a new house and even paid for her new advanced courses for clairvoyants so she was able to advance her career.

Tracy disappeared after less than 10 months of their relationship and Jim realized the dreadful mistake he had made. He calculated that he had spent over $20,000 on her and was completely broke. Jim hit rock bottom and decided to commit suicide. Luckily, his ex-wife was able to rescue him before it was too late. Jim was left devastated and broke but at least his wife forgave him and they renewed their wedding vows and restore their family back together.


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