Did You Know That A Real-Life Alice In Wonderland Woman Has A Rare Disorder Which…


If have ever wondered what exactly Alice experienced when she fell down into the rabbit hole it’s good to know that a one particular 24-year-old woman can actually tell you.  Abigail Moss from the United Kingdom suffers from an extremely rare and bizarre condition called Alice in Wonderland Syndrome or AIWS.

Image Source: YOUTUBE
Image Source: YOUTUBE

Her perception of the world and sense of vision are affected.  When Abigail has a seizure she feels like either she is shrinking or growing bigger. The 24-year-old can see as well other objects constantly growing and shrinking around her.  She first realized she suffered from AIWS when she watched an episode of the hit TV series “House M.D.” and later read about it in the paper.

Ms. Moss began experiencing AIWS seizures when she was just 5-years-old and they’d come and go without any warning. Luckily after she was diagnosed and learned how to control her seizures she only has them a few times per year.




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