Did You Know That A Real Life Rapunzel's Hair Grows Extremely Fast Because Of….


Sophie Fieldhouse from Manchester, United Kingdom is a real life Rapunzel. The 6-year-old’s hair keeps growing and growing just like the fairy tale heroine’s. The reason Sophie’s gold locks almost reach the ground is a medicine she has been taking as a remedy for her rare condition.

Image Source: YOUTUBE
Image Source: YOUTUBE

The young girl suffers from a disease called congenital hyperinsulinism that causes low blood sugar. The treatment involves an intake of Diazoxide, a drug that makes human hair grow extremely rapidly. Her mom Amanda explains that when Sophie’s blood sugar lowers she turns into a different child. The girl is suddenly hungry all the time and has to take lots of snacks to school where children has been teasing her about her hair, not knowing why it is so long. Luckily, Sophie is not taking Diazoxide anymore. She has switched to taking fish oils instead and the new treatment has been working brilliantly so far. Sophie’s family hopes that the worst is behind them and also that all children struggling with hyperinsulinism would be able to take advantage of the new treatment.




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