Did You Know That A Real Life Sleeping Beauty Eats And Sings While She Sleeps For …..


A 17-year-old teenager from Manchester, UK suffers from a condition that makes her sleep for 12 days straight. She once slept through her own birthday, final exams and a family ski trip to the Alps. Usually, when she wakes up she eats as much candy as possible and sings the same song repeatedly because of her rare neurological disorder.

photo for illustration purposes only. copyrights:
photo for illustration purposes only. copyrights:

Shannon Magee has the Kleine-Levin syndrome more famous as “the sleeping beauty syndrome”. KLS is a severe neurological condition that is sometimes triggered by an infection or illness and starts to develop during the juvenile years of a person. It’s defined by excessive periods of sleep of more than 20 hours per day. This devastating symptom could last for days and even weeks.

Shannon is one of the only 45 other people in UK who suffer from KLS. When she is in between her episodes Shannon is a perfectly fine teenager but when her disorder sets in, she becomes extremely irritable and disorientated.


Sadly, there isn’t a known cure for Shannon’s condition yet.


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