Did you know that a repulsively messy student house in the UK is put on sale for the …


Have you ever wondered what is the opposite of the word “tidy”? Just take a look inside this repulsive student house in the UK and you will see a perfect example.

Picture: Rightmove
Picture: Rightmove

Several students failed to tidy up their house in Bath, Somerset, when the real estate agent came to snap some pictures of it. The messy piles of dirty clothes, the stinky food leftovers and the scattered personal belongings didn’t scare off the real estate agent and the messy house was documented. The agent wasn’t sure about putting internal pictures of the house on the market, but decided to show them anyway. What’s funny is the fact that the repulsive mess didn’t scare off the buyers. Not only has the house been put on sale for £285,000 ($470,000), but there have already been eight viewings in under a week!


Carey Gilliland, the real estate agent, told the media that the students don’t feel the need to change their lifestyle just because of a potential buyer.


Written by Patrick Bennet

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