Did you know that a Russian chimp had to go to rehab because he had developed…


Zhora is a male chimpanzee in a Russian zoo with a rather interesting and funny fate. The animal got addicted to alcohol and cigarettes because visitors of the zoo gave him numerous such “treats.”


Nadezhda Yeutushenko, the manager of the zoo in Rostov, explained that the management and zookeepers have asked the visitors to stop giving the chimp alcohol and cigarettes but there was no result. They secured Zhora behind three fences but the chimp still received alcoholic treats.

As a result, the chimp had to go to rehab because of the addiction it had developed.


The zookeepers said that visitors enjoyed giving the chimpanzee alcohol and cigarettes and laughed when Zhora drank and smoked. However, such bad habits cause serious health troubles. Unfortunately, most of the visitors don’t know this or simple don’t care.


Written by Patrick Bennet

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