Did you know that a Russian girl spent more than $6k on lip injections because she wanted to…


Jessica Rabbit, the famous Disney character is the dream woman for many people. However, while mostly the male part of the Earth’s population consider the red haired icon as one of the most attractive persons of all time, a girl from Russia has spent thousands in order to look like the Disney character.


Kristina Rei, a girl in her early 20s, has been bullied many times in school for being unattractive. From the early age of 4 Kristina’s self-esteem has been extremely low because of her thin lips. When the Russian girl turned 17 she decided it was high-time to thicken her lips in order to become more attractive. That’s when she first underwent an injection procedure, which made her lips full. Nowadays Kristina is known as the girl with the biggest lips in the world. She has spent over $6,000 for more than 100 injections and isn’t planning on stopping in the near future.


The girl, who has never even had a boyfriend, admitted that her idol was Jessica Rabbit and these procedures help her get closer to Rabbit’s vision.


Written by Patrick Bennet

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