Did You Know That A Russian Woman Could Allegedly Move Objects With The Power Of….


Psychokinesis or telekinesis is a presumptive psychic capability of a human being to manipulate objects from a distance without physical contact. Some of the people, who allegedly possess this ability depicted numerous times in science-fiction, can presumably also levitate and even teleport.

One of the most famous recorded cases of psychokinesis is that of Nina Kulagina, a Russian woman who lived from 1926 to 1990. She possessed a seemingly unbelievable ability to move objects by simply focusing the energy that came from within her. Kulagina was s former soldier from the Soviet Army and whenever she used her abilities she claimed feeling the presence of an unknown powerful force that manifested itself by darkening the space around her. When Russian scientists tested her abilities she managed to separate the yolk from the white of a broken inside a water tank egg with the power of her mind. Kulagina could even guess with 100% accuracy the colors of objects by simply using her fingertips while blindfolded.


Her extraordinary paranormal abilities were all documented and could not be debunked as a hoax. How or why Ninel Kulagina possessed such a power still remains a mystery.


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