Did you know that a Samsung Galaxy phone exploaded and left a girl with a…


2013 was a year filled with absolutely amazing tech toys. However, it was also the year of exploding smartphones for people all around the world. Even Switzerland was affected by the massive malfunction in Apple and Samsung products.

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Fanny Schlatter from Switzerland probably had the shock of her life when her Samsung Galaxy S3 exploded in her pocket in 2013. Fanny, who’s 18 years old, is working as an apprentice painter. She was at work when she heard a strange noise coming out of her pocket and shortly after her shorts were on fire. Before her boss and her colleagues were able to take her to a bathroom and douse the fire, she had already received second and third degree burns on her right thigh. While Samsung defended their quality products, the girl told the media she was already considering filing a lawsuit against the company.


It goes without saying that living in the 21st century means you have to put up with the latest technology. And by the looks of it sometimes tech toys have a mind of their own.


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