Did You Know That A San Francisco Dad Has Built A 50-Meter-Long Roller….


Will Pemble is without a doubt the best dad in the world. He sort of earned the title by building his two children a roller coaster in the backyard of their own house. The 50-year-old father of two works in the field of e-commerce but has always loved physics which helped him build the private family coaster.

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Mr. Pemble knew his children, 10-year-old Lyle and 12-year-old Ellie, really liked theme parks and especially roller coasters so he decided he would build one with their help. The father also thought the project would help him teach his children a little bit about science. So they purchased enough lumber and other needed supplies and started digging. It took them about 300 hours of work and $3,500 but in the end they had a 180-foot track standing in their backyard. Mr. Pemble has posted photos and videos of his creation online and it has become so popular that people have been asking to build them the same one for money. He is really considering changing his career.




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