Did you know that A Saudi prince paid Kristen Stewart $500k for a 15 minute date. She..


Half a million dollars – that’s how much 15 minutes of Kristen Stewart’s time are worth.

Image Source: Wikipedia
Image Source: Wikipedia

Even Twilight fans were against Summit’s decision to hire Kristen Stewart to portray Bella Swan – the role that shot the 24 year old actress to stardom. However, an unnamed Saudi prince thought that the chance to be face to face with Stewart for 15 minutes was worth a small fortune. According to official reports, the royal in question approached the famous Harvey Weinstein and asked for a date with the Twilight star. Weinstein made a deal with the prince – the royal would get a 15 minute long date if he donated $500,000 to the charity fund for those who had suffered from Hurricane Sandy. And so he did. The two met at Madison Square Gardens in NYC in December, 2012. 


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