Did you know that A schoolboy was punished for sharing his lunch with a…


This teenager got a detention for one of the most ridiculous reasons anyone could ever think of!

Image Source: Wikipedia
Image Source: Wikipedia

According to official reports, Kyle Bradford, a 13 year old kid from California, was punished for doing a good deed. One of the boy’s classmates wasn’t happy about having to eat a cheese sandwich for lunch, so Kyle shared the chicken burrito he had bought on school grounds with the other boy. Unfortunately, school officials at the Weaverville Elementary School weren’t too happy with Kyle’s kindness. He received a detention slip due to having broken a school rule. The institution forbids anyone from sharing food because of the possibility of allergies and other health problems that could occur among the kids. The board refuses to let kids share each other’s meals because of this safety policy.


Kyle’s mom believes her son hasn’t done anything wrong and that the school overreacted on the matter. She claims that teaching a kid manners and morals should be left to the parents.


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