Did You Know That A Secret Tipper Is Leaving Thousands In Tips Across US For…


A mysterious tipper who has been leaving humongous tips in restaurants across America has turned into an Instagram sensation. The stranger or strangers, whose identity remain unknown so far, have been leaving sums in the range of $500 on a $24 dollar bill to the staggering $10,000 on a $2,000 bill. The generous tipper has set off the tip spree in September last year and it has been going on ever since. The Instagram account called ‘TipsForJesus’ has followed the money trail from Ann Arbor in Michigan to Chicago to L.A.



Instagram users suspect it is indeed more than one person. Firs of all, the word “we” is often used by the account. Also, before the TipsForJesus stamp came into use for the receipts, the user name was scribbled in a different handwriting most of the times. Finally, a server that claims to have worked at a restaurant confirmed that the huge tip was left by a group of people who appeared to be college football fans.


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