Did you know that A security guard actually identified and stopped one of the terrorist bombers from entering the…


Official reports state that one security guard working at the national football stadium in Paris managed to identify and stop one of the terrorist bombers, who carried out the fateful attacks over the French capital last week.

Image Source: GETTY
Image Source: GETTY

The guard, which has been labeled as a national hero, saved the lives of countless people by preventing the bomber from entering the stadium in Paris. The security guard, who has been identified only with the name Zouheir, was on duty during the match between Germany and France at the stadium and when he searched one of the fans, who were waiting to enter the venue, he found an explosive device wrapped around the man. The terrorist had hidden the bomb under his clothes and was hoping to get inside the stadium using a ticket for the football match. The guard identified him as a threat to the citizens of Paris and stopped him from entering the stadium. Thus, the terrorist bomber was prevented from going inside and blowing up himself and the explosives around him amongst the other fans, possibly killing countless of people with him.


Nevertheless, the terrorist still blew up the device just outside of the stadium. Two other terrorists also did the same – one of them set up a bomb on the other end of the stadium and the third one blew up himself in front of a McDonald’s restaurant just across the national stadium. It is believed that the terrorist, whom the security guard stopped from entering the premises, killed only one person with his explosive. If it wasn’t for the security guard, the situation could have been much worse since it may have taken tons of lives if the bomber had blown the bomb inside the national stadium.


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