Did you know that a shopper spent so much time in the changing room that she got…


Shopping for a new wardrobe can be exhausting and stressful. However, one shopper took the tension to a whole new level when she had to call 999 services during her shopping spree.


The unnamed woman visited Miss Selfridge on Market Street in Manchester and got carried away with all the trendy clothes available. Apparently the staff also got carried away with the excitement of finishing for the day, since they decided to lock the place down without checking for last-minute shoppers. The woman had been trying on clothes for quite some time in the store’s changing rooms without bothering to check her watch. When she finally came out, she realized that the staff had left and the doors were locked. The woman began to call 999 in order to get out of the store.


Fortunately for her, the staff had only just left. She was able to spot one of the shop assistants and obtain their help, eventually being freed without the need for police involvement.


Written by Patrick Bennet

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