Did you know that a sick Great Dane was rushed to the emergency hospital. Unidentifiable foreign material showed up in his stomach on….


An incredibly idiotic Great Dane ate 43 socks and is still alive!

One of the dumbest Great Danes ever has got to be Scooby Dum – Scooby Doo’s idiotic cousin from the popular cartoon series with the same name. This particular real life Great Dane, however, proved to be even dumber than Scooby Dum when he ate 43 socks!

A couple of years ago the unfortunate owners of a 3 year old Grate Dane noticed that their pet was acting worryingly. The male dog was vomiting and retching and he looked absolutely miserable. The worried owners, who live in Oregon, US, rushed their beloved pet to a nearby vet clinic. The medics inspected the Great Dane on an X-ray scanner and realized that his stomach was filled with a humongous quantity of some unidentifiable foreign substance, so they decided to operate on him. The dog was put through a nearly 2 hour long operation and the vets were shocked by the things they discovered in his stomach. As it turned out, the doggie had eaten 43 (and a half) socks!


The vets managed to remove every single one of the 43 (and a half) socks from the dog’s stomach and images of the “contains” quickly surfaced the web. Furthermore, the vet clinic that operated on the Great Dane even decided to enter in a contest about animals, which had eaten freaky stuff. The case actually won a prize, even though the gold was received by another hospital, which had treated a frog, which had eaten over 30 ornamental rocks that used to decorate its cage.

The owners of the Great Dane, which ate 43 socks, remain anonymous. According to official reports, the dog is still alive, even though it’s unclear if he has decided to change his diet to something more… edible.


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