Did You Know That A Struggling Waitress Was Given A $1,075 Tip By….


A waitress named Khadjiah Muhammad recently received one of the most generous tips she could possibly imagine. The woman works at a restaurant in Knoxville, Tennessee and she had just come back from a long unpaid leave.

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She was in Ohio to look after her mother who had just suffered from a heart attack. Mrs. Muhammad suffered a lot to make ends meet and she could only rely on her paycheck from the restaurant. When she missed a couple of weeks of work she was in a bad financial state. She had a lot of pending bills especially for electricity and no money to pay them.

On her first day on the job after she came back from Ohio Khadjiah served a nice and well mannered family. After they left Khadijah noticed they had left the check upside down. She thought they probably did not leave her a tip at all but when she went to collect the money she was left flabbergasted. Khadjiah discovered exactly $1,075 for a mere $29,30 check.


For her this tip was an absolute miracle that happened just in the right time.


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