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Did you know that A student became internet star after posing as


This student became an Internet sensation after posing as Katy Perry, Jennifer Lawrence and many other celebrities
Lots of people have become sensations overnight just as posing as other people – take the shameless and infamous Lorna Bliss for example. This kid’s story is similar to hers.

Image Source: Instagram
Image Source: Instagram

While Liam Martin didn’t shock the X Factor public and the rest of the world by trying to impersonate Britney Spears, he still chose to pose as another pop star – Katy Perry. He became a huge hit among Internet users thanks to uploading a series of hilarious pictures on his Instagram while dressed, hair-styled and heavily made up like female celebrities. The 17 year old student from New Zealand has already impersonated Katy Perry as the queen of Egypt wearing the famous wig from her single Dark Horse, her posh clothing, make up and even rhinestones on his teeth. Liam also posed as Jennifer Lawrence wearing a white dress, blond wig and black clutch in order to recreate her famous Oscars outfit.
He also impersonated Taylor Swift, Ariel, Lady Gaga, Cara Delevingne, Miley Cyrus and tons of other female celebs.


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