Did You Know That A Student Hacked His College System To Change His…


A student named Roy Chaoran Sun,  previously enrolled at the Purdue University in Indiana is facing serious felony charges after he got caught for hacking into the university grading system.  He and two other students named Mitsosutoshi Shirasaki and his colleague Sujay Sharma used their skills and knowledge to boost their grades.

Image Source: YOUTUBE
Image Source: YOUTUBE

They were all electrical engineering students and allegedly carried out an elaborate scheme to change their F’s to A’s and D’s to B’s. The witty students broke multiple times into professors offices and were able to steal their passwords by replacing their keyboards. The smart students installed special key-logging devices that easily recorded the professors personal passwords.  They’ve been doing this since 2008 and were accused of changing over 30 grades.  According to the chief of police who investigated the case, this was the biggest and most elaborate scheme he has ever seen throughout his career.


Subsequently, Sun graduated with a bachelor’s degree from Purdue and was later enrolled in a Master’s course at the Boston University.   Luckily the authorities caught up with the brainiacs and reversed their grades back to normal. All 3 “graduates” are now facing a slew of serious conspiracy and theft charges.


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