Did you know that a student was caught making himself a….


Internet user Ross Milne has made his Twitter followers’ day entertaining after sharing what he had witnessed during one of his lectures at the University of West Scotland.


Milne shared a snapshot of one of his colleagues, who was apparently starving during the lecture and just couldn’t wait for it to end in order to take a bite of his sandwich. The guy pulled out a sandwich toaster out of nowhere and managed to plug in into a power point in order to make himself a cheese snack…during the lecture! As surprised students witnessed the guy’s amazing culinary skills and lack of any conscientiousness, he prepared his snack and started eating it.


The snapshot, which was shared on Twitter, soon became a hit among other Internet users. By the looks of it, the guy was well-prepared for his snack break with the products, the toaster and even a bottle of ketchup.


Written by Patrick Bennet

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