Did you know that A stupid burglar decided to check his Facebook profile during…


We all know how important it is to check our social media profiles regularly. And one extremely stupid burglar thought it was more important to check his Facebook profile during the break-in rather than worry about not getting caught.

Image Source: Minnesota PD
Image Source: Minnesota PD

According to official reports, James Wood from St. Paul, Minnesota, returned home earlier this month and realized his watch, his credit cards and some of his cash were gone. The man panicked about being burglarized, but then he realized the open Facebook profile on his computer wasn’t his – it was Nicholas Wig’s. Wig broke into Wood’s home and decided to check his profile during the burglary. After the stole some of Wood’s personal belongings and left behind some his own he fled the crime scene without logging off of Facebook.


Wood contacted him and the two set up a meeting in order to exchange each’s personal belongings. The reports state that when Wig got arrested he even wore Wood’s watch. Talk about being an extremely stupid criminal! 


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