Did You Know That A Subway Ticket Machine In Moscow Accepts 30 Squats As…


If you happen to find yourself in Moscow, Russia and don’t have change to pay for a subway ticket you can remain calm as now you can ride the metro absolutely free of charge. However, there is a catch: you will have to perform 30 squats with your arms stretched forward for 2 minutes in front of a special machine that will count and measure your achievement.


This is not a random decision of the transit authorities and the Russian government. The implementing of the new special machine that makes people squat in exchange for a free pass is a part of the promotional campaign for the upcoming Winter Olympic Games in Sochi. The machine is situated at the Vystavochaya station.


If doing squats is not your favorite activity you can still use some other innovative exercise equipment such as the stationary bikes that can charge your mobile devices via pedal power or the hanging handles in the buses that are going to be turned into simple exercise bands.

The publicity effort is turning out to be quite successful for now, regardless that the majority of commuters still prefer to pay the $1 subway ticket instead of subjecting themselves to the extra physical exercise.


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