Did you know that a subway worker at the Madrid subway found a wallet with $2m and…


A subway worker at the Madrid subway system in Spain found a wallet, trapped in a subway door. It contained few credit cards, a driver license and a check for $2 million. The maintenance chief couldn’t believe his eyes. He told the media he had to count the zeros on the check few times before he was fully convinced.


The wallet was handed to the police. They are still trying to pin down the owner of the wallet. The media believes the check was made out to Bill Guting, a businessman from Sacramento, California.

The shocking case became a global news story. The wallet still remains unclaimed. The police said they wouldn’t give out the check straight away to a claimant, but would perform an investigation first in order to verify that the money’s origin isn’t illegal.


USA’s Huffington Post tried to call Bill Guting’s office in California, but their calls haven’t been returned for a comment.


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