Тhis Taliban Turned Himself In In Order To Receive The Award On His Own Wanted Poster

Probably you have heard about particularly ridiculous things criminals have done in the past but this story has something really extraordinary to it.

Mohamad Ashan, who was a mid-level commander of the Taliban in the province Paktika, decided one day to do something unimaginably bizarre. He walked toward a checkpoint of the police authorities in the Sar Howza district holding a typical wanted poster.

The wanted poster for Mohammad Ashan.
The wanted poster for Mohammad Ashan.

Everyone would think that this person had information about a wanted insurgent but the police officials were bedazzled once they found out that Mohammad Ashan was actually turning himself in. Not only did he surrendered willingly when the police apprehended him but he also demanded the finder’s fee mentioned in the wanted poster. Exactly $100 was the reward for any information that could lead to his arrest.

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The U.S. troops confirmed Ashan’s identity by scanning his biometrics and indeed he was who he claimed to be. His motives for his surrender were questionable at first but it was just after the man insisted on receiving his reward did the military finally believe him.

All in all, Mohammad Ashan was a prime suspect in organizing two attacks against the Afghan military forces and his wanted face was plastered all over the district.

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