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A Taylor Swift look alike, named Olivia Sturgess, got the chance to meet the real Taylor Swift in person.
One 19 year old girl from New South Wales, Australia, is making headlines for her uncanny resemblance to country singer turned pop star Taylor Swift.

Image Source: Olivia Sturgess/Taylor Swift
Image Source: Olivia Sturgess/Taylor Swift

The 19 year old Olivia looks so much like the 25 year old Taylor that she frequently gets stopped on the street to take pictures with fans of the real Swift and to give autographs. Her facial features resemble Taylor’s ones so much that getting mistaken for the famous songstress is nothing new to Olivia. In fact, Olivia actually cuts her hair just like Taylor’s and even though she doesn’t have highly qualified personal stylists on her hands 24/7, she still manages to don Swift’s hairdo and chick style quite well. The 19 year old Swift look alike claims that she doesn’t wear make-up often, but when she does, she gets mistaken for the 25 year old Blank Space hit maker even more often than usual.

Olivia has been imitating Swift’s looks for the past 6 years – since before Taylor’s single Mine hit the market and she made the transition from country to pop. And this year the teenager finally met her celeb look alike in person. Taylor and Olivia met backstage this December during Swift’s 1989 World Tour, which ended in Australia. Swift even posed next to Olivia and took the time to talk with her 19 year old super fan on the importance of music and how it can affect our lives after Olivia admitted that Swift’s song The Best Day helped her cope with her mother’s recent death.


As for discussing her looks and similarities to Swift, Olivia shared that she doesn’t try super hard to imitate Taylor and that they just have similar bone structure, smaller eyes and fuller lips. Check out Olivia Sturgess’ Instagram profile and see for yourself exactly how much she looks like the real Taylor Swift!


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