Did you know that a Taylor Swift stalker has threatened to…


Taylor Swift has it all – fame, fortune and unwanted stalkers.


Official reports state that the 24 year old singer-songwriter has just been granted a restraining order against a man identified as Timothy Sweet. Sweet, who has been frighteningly stalking Taylor ever since 2011 has sent her e-mails, letters and social media blurts, some of which have been highly troubling. Timothy claims he loves Swift and that the two of them are going to get married soon, because they are deeply in love and treat each other with exceptional respect. Furthermore, Timothy states he loves Swift so much that he will eliminate anyone standing in his way. The stalker has threatened Swift’s friends and family and has admitted to carrying around a weapon in order to protect Swift. Fortunately for the Nashville singer, the restraining order grants that Timothy isn’t allowed to come near 100 yards of Swift and 3 other members of her family.


Sadly for Swift, this isn’t the first time her stalkers got in the headlines and it probably won’t be the last.


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