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Did you know that a teenage boy created a new test for cancer with 90%…..


Jack Andraka, born in 1997, created a new cancer detection method for pancreatic cancer. The method, according to Andraka, is more than 160 times faster, over 400 times more sensitive, and about 26,000 times less expensive (cost is about three cents) than the existing cancer tests. Besides, you can do it in only five minutes.

The young scientist was inspired to work on such a test after the death of a relative. He found out that the late detection and the slow, insensitive, expensive screening method were main reasons for the very low survival rate from the disease. He put his efforts on finding a way to detect the disease at an early stage before the activation of the cancer cells.
This is a new measure which diagnoses pancreatic cancer with a paper sensor. A similar technology is used for diabetic tests. This sensor examines the level of mesothelin in the body to detect if the patient has pancreatic cancer.
The teenager received the 2012 Gordon E. Moore Award, the grand prize of the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair.



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