Did you know that A teenage girl from Utah was told to cover up when she showed up at a school dance wearing…


A 15 year old girl’s school dance experience was ruined because her teachers thought her dress was inappropriate for the occasion.

Image Source: FACEBOOK
Image Source: FACEBOOK

According to reports, Gabi Finlayson was told to cover up with a coat throughout the dance because her choice of clothing was too “revealing”. Gabi, who chose a knee length dress with wide straps and absolutely no cleavage revealed, had to wear a coat during the whole dance because her teachers didn’t think the dress adhered to the dress code. The strict rules demanded no back revealing, no cleavage and no straps thinner than 2” – each. Gabi even altered her dress so that it would meet the requirements of the dress code, but her teachers still thought it was overly revealing. According to them, Gabi was showing too much of her shoulders. That’s right; apparently the teenager’s shoulders should have been covered.
Gabi’s mother was outraged by the school’s decision. The reports state that the Lone Peak High School in Highland City, Utah, apparently allowed girls with shorter and tighter dresses than Gabi’s to show off their clothing and remain uncovered during the dance.


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