Did you know that a teenager became a hero after he managed to fly a whole…


A teenage boy became a hero after saving his and a pilot’s lives while operating alone on an aircraft for nearly an hour.


The 61 year old Derek Neville passes out just 10 minutes after he had taken off from Forbes, Australia. Fortunately for him, a 19 year old boy managed to take control over the Cessna 150 plane. The 19 year old Troy Jenkins didn’t have problems with operating the aircraft, but he did, however, have trouble with the landing part. Since the boy couldn’t land the plane, he spent 45 minutes circling above the Forbes airport. Finally, the pilot regained his consciousness. Neville and Jenkins were able to safely land the aircraft with little help from another pilot, who had been flying near them.


Jenkins told the media he couldn’t deny he was scared, but his priorities were to save himself and Neville. Neville, on the other hand, was immediately taken to the Orange Base Hospital for a medical check.


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