Did you know that A teenager died from spraying on too much…


A teenage boy died after inhaling too much deodorant.


One 16 year old boy from the UK is making headlines after he died from one of the strangest causes of untimely death.

The teenager in question, named Thomas Townsend, was found lifeless back in August 2015 at a children’s home located in Folkestone, Kent, UK. The medical team, which was sent over to the scene, was unable to revive the boy. After careful inspection they ruled out that he had died out of butane gas inhalation. The butane gas can be found in all sorts of aerosol products like common deodorant sprays. The effects of too much aerosol particles in the human body can be hazardous to a person and that’s exactly what happened to Thomas because he inhaled too much deodorant.


His mother, Sally, was quoted by the media after she explained that Thomas was refusing to take regular showers. Instead of bathing, the teenager would simply spray his body with tons of deodorant or would apply too much aftershave so that he would cover up the nasty odor his body would emit from not showering. Thomas’ mother stated that the boy would even go as far as spraying an entire can of deodorant spray over the course of a single week. Apart from that, the woman also said she was shocked to discover exactly how much empty cans of deodorant sprays the boy had stacked in his room. The post-mortem inspections of Thomas’ body showed that the teenager wasn’t taking any drugs and wasn’t intoxicated in any other way. Nevertheless, by inhaling too much deodorant his bronchi and his lungs eventually got filled with too much butane gas from the sprays.

The teenager died last summer, but the news of his strange and untimely death are surfacing just now.


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