Did you know that a teenager fell into a coma after drinking 4 liters of energy drinks during….


A teenage boy from Norway proved to the whole world that gaming and energy drinks should not be combined.


14 year old Henrik Eide Dahl made headlines worldwide after collapsing in February thanks to a combination of gaming and energy drinks. Henrik was taking part in a gaming tournament in his school when he decided it would be a great idea to boost his performance with few energy drinks. Unfortunately, he didn’t stop drinking until he had devoured more than 4 liters of the caffeine-laced drinks. He played Call of Duty for 16 hours before finally passing out at his school’s cafeteria. The overdose of energy drinks caused his kidneys to fail and he was taken to a hospital where he fell into a coma shorty after.


Fortunately, the boy woke up after spending a whole week in the coma. He had to spend another week in the hospital for further treatment before he was finally released.


Written by Patrick Bennet

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