Did You Know That A Teenager Got Jailed After Posting Pictures On Facebook Of…


Sometimes the peculiar Facebook craze to regularly post pictures and status updates of your daily activities serves police officers in a great deal. Recently, there have been many American citizens which were foolish enough to post incriminating pictures on social media. It resulted not only in their public mocking but in their immediate arrests as well.

The most recent case of this sort comes from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania where a group of one 18-year-old and three other teenagers were accused of vandalizing and robbing a market. The police was able to apprehend all but one whose mug shot is currently available on the most wanted list.


Apparently, one of the perpetrators named Isaiah Cutler posted on his Facebook account incriminating pictures. On the pic he and his buddies in crime posed with the $8,000 in cash they stole as well as other merchandise from the market.

The younger teens were charged in a court for the juvenile and sent back to their parents, while Cutler who is no longer a minor faces a preliminary charge of burglary, theft and conspiracy.


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