Did You Know That A Teenager With No Name Appeared Out Of Nowhere In….


One really bizarre situation unfolded in the city of Coventry, UK. The authorities were contacted by a citizen who reported meeting a man unaware of his identity or where he came from.


The man appeared to be in his early 20s and could barely speak English. Unfortunately, he wasn’t able to recall anything about his past or what had happened to him. He only remembered boarding a bus from London to Coventry and that he used to live in a house in London. The people that kept him there did not let him out even to go to school.

The man who could not remember his name and country of origin could only speak Hindi and Urdu. The authorities also found a document from a solicitor on him that confirmed he was “stateless”.


Officers from the Migrant Center are currently trying to unravel this peculiar mystery. Police authorities assume that the unknown man was a victim of the increasingly problematic people trafficking industry.


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