Did you know that a Texan claims that he saw and filmed Chupa…


If it’s not Bigfoot, it’s going to be Chupacabra.

People in the US are absolutely positive they are seeing mythical creatures all over the states. And while the Sasquatch stories have stopped for now, the Chupacabra ones are emerging once again as a Texas resident is setting the Houston community on alarm. Scott Black claims he has seen the blood sucking mythical creature at least four times. He has even taken some photographs of the alleged Chupacabra. According to Mr. Black, the Chupacabra had a long tail and big pointy ears. Even though he describes it as a creature with no skin or fur, he claims he had seen some splotches of gray on its body. The man sent the pictures to an Ohio trapper, who set traps in Houston, but unsurprisingly, no Chupacabra was caught. According to the local animal control expert, the alleged animal was probably the result of some farmer’s crossbreeding of exotic pets.

Apart from Mr. Black, two other US citizens claim they have seen the Chupacabra in late 2013. However, it turned out the creatures in question were a dog and a coyote.


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