Did you know that a third-grade girl was expelled for a year because her grandmother sent a birthday cake…


The zero-tolerance policy in US schools has become a great problem for parents over the past decade. This strict school policy means that if their child is caught with a banned item, acting with a reckless behavior or making a bad decision in a certain situation the child will be suspended or expelled from the school.


For example, in the not so distant 2009 a third grade girl from the Christina School District in Newark, Delaware, got suspended for her grandmother’s kind gesture and her teacher’s hypocritical behavior. The schoolgirl had brought a birthday cake from her grandmother. The latter had also sent a knife so that the girl could cut the cake. Her teacher used that very same knife to cut the cake and hypocritically told the school’s authorities that the girl had brought a dangerous weapon on school grounds. Fortunately, her family managed to overturn the expulsion.
The Christina School District is only one of the many schools in the US that have embraced the strict zero-tolerance policy, which according to a great number of parents, is scandalous and outrageous.


Written by Patrick Bennet

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