Did you know that A town mayor from Mexico married a….


If you thought your friend’s eccentric wedding was way too out of the picture, take a look at his guy!

Image Source: YOUTUBE
Image Source: YOUTUBE

Joel Vasquez Rojas is the mayor of San Pedro Huamelula, a small fishing town in southern Mexico, who took a crocodile for a bride. Literally! According to Mr. Rojas and the rest of the locals, the crocodile in question is actually a princess. They believe that the marriage will bring abundance of seafood for the people in the town and the whole Pacific coast. The wedding and the reception were funded by local councils. Those, who refused to participate in the ceremony and the funding, were fined for their refusals. The wedding took place at the local city hall. Tons of people showed up for the reception. The “bride” was dressed in a long white bridal gown. In order to secure the guests and the groom, the bride’s jaws were actually wired shut through the whole day.

During the reception the guests enjoyed dancing and staring at fireworks. The mayor told the media he was extremely delighted to marry the princess. 


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