Did you know that A toy store employee decided to steal more…


When you lose a specific Lego figure from your favorite set you can’t really go to the nearest toy shop and buy another one, since you’ll have to buy a whole set. This realization made Petr Botek start an online store for specific Lego figures.

Image Source: YOUTUBE
Image Source: YOUTUBE

All would have went well if it wasn’t for one tiny detail – Botek had to steal the individual figures from the toy store in Kladno, Czech Republic, where he was working at. The man did a research on the priciest and most desirable Lego figures and then he stole them from the packaged sets he was selling at the toy store. He managed to steal nearly 6,100 figures by the time he was caught by the police. Since the toy shop’s owner started receiving complaints about missing figures from the Lego sets the customers paid for, he took matters to the chain’s officials. And since nobody else was getting complaints about missing figures, the police took the case and soon tracked down Botek.


His actions now cost him 5 years behind bars – and no Lego figures. 


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