Did you know that a Turkish man locked his head in a cage in a …


Smokers all around the world try various methods to stop their deadly vice – from gum, patches and willpower to electronic cigarettes. However, some chain smokers tend to go too far when it comes to fighting the nicotine cravings.


Ibrahim Yücel, a 42 year old man from Kütahya, Turkey, took extreme measures during the battle against his vice and became an Internet sensation earlier this year. After his father died of lung cancer, the man decided to quit his bad habit of smoking two packs of cigarettes each day. Ibrahim made a DIY cage of 130ft of copper wire and locked his head in it. Ibrahim gives the key to the cage to his daughter or his wife each time he leaves the house so he won’t be tempted to smoke. The cage allows him to eat crackers and drink with a straw, but it’s a solid barrier against cigarettes. The man has been smoking for the last 26 years and it seems like this final attempt may be successful after all.



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