Did you know that a uk man mysteriously died after opening Pandora's…


Recent reports state that a 37 year old British man died a mysterious death after opening a box, on which had been written “Pandora’s Box” in red ink.


In Greek mythology, Pandora’s box is a container in which all the evil in the world is kept. After Pandora unleashes the evil, hope is revealed as the only thing remaining in the box. However, there was no hope for Jason Airey’s parents. Airey’s father, Dennis, told the media that on the day his son was rushed to hospital, he had earlier returned home from a shopping spree. He had seemed completely normal hours before his parents found him unconscious in the bedroom, lying next to an open box. According to International Business Times, the box had been labeled as “Pandora’s Box”. After medics spent around an hour at Airey’s house in Carlisle, UK, Jason was rushed to hospital, where he had passed away several days later.


The case occurred in May 2013, but the inquest continued until the following November. The coroner was eventually unable to find a logical explanation for Jason’s death.


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