Did You Know That a UK Police Department Is Equipped With Teddy Bears Because…


The British came up with a groundbreaking idea in order to deal with road incidents. And it has to do with teddy bears.
Police constables in the UK’s Kent Police Roads Policing Unit have been equipped with one hundred teddy bears.


The stuffed toys are provided for distressed or injured children, victims of traffic incidents. Darren Chapman, a constable from Kent Police, explained the reasons behind this strange new “equipment”. He said that most of the times it’s harder to explain the incident and the consequences from it to a child than to an adult. Usually the child can’t be given the needed amount of comfort and reassurance just by an explanation. Thus, the authorities thought it would be better if there was something else to comfort the child. And what better way to ease a kid than giving them a cute, cuddly toy?
Chapman also said the police didn’t have to pay anything for the teddy bears as they found a local manufacturer who was more than happy to donate a hundred of them for the good cause.


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