Did you know that A university is offering a course on how to waste your…


Let’s face it – you’re bored of your job, your homework or your housework. You check your e-mail, quickly browse through Facebook, watch a video or two on YouTube and somehow end up wasting hours on the web while neglecting your duties.

Image Source: Wikicommons
Image Source: Wikicommons

For those of you who are willing to learn how to waste your time better on the web (or more likely for those of you who are willing to waste even more time by default), you have the chance to enroll in a university course called Wasting Time on the Internet. It will be led in the University of Pennsylvania the next academic year by Professor Kenneth Goldsmith. Goldsmith made a name for himself with his unbelievably ridiculous attempt to actually print off all the information listed worldwide on the Internet.
Are you willing to waste more time by actually attending this course or do you prefer sticking strictly to social media?


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