Did you know that a US guy handed the patrol police a beer instead of his…


A 37 year old man from Georgia mistook a beer for his driver’s license or he just wanted to share his booze with the nice police officers on patrol. Either way he made one of the worst decisions in his life.

source: flickr
source: flickr

According to official reports, Damon Tobias Exum crashed his car with a police patrol’s one earlier this May. Officer Alvin Rodriguez asked Exum for his license. The 37 year old driver was allegedly so drunk that he didn’t even realize he had hit another vehicle, let alone it being a law enforcement official’s one. To Rodriguez’s great surprise, the intoxicated Exum handed him a beer instead of his documents. Fortunately, nobody got hurt during the accident. Unfortunately for Exum, his actions had big consequences. The guy is now facing 8 charges, including one for reckless driving and one for driving under the influence of alcohol.
The reports state that this isn’t Exum’s first DUI arrest. Let’s hope this time he’ll learn his lesson.


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