Did you know that a US man got sentenced for 32 months behind bars because he claimed to be…


Most of us dream at least once in our lives about different jobs, different personalities and different surroundings. So when a US man saw his chance of impersonating a CIA agent, he took it and took lots of advantages thanks to his lying mouth.


According to reports, John C. Beale, a 65 year old man, lied to his bosses at The Environmental Protection Agency that he was working for the CIA. His co-workers and bosses were so impressed with him that his 13 years long scam provided him with many advantages. Beale was showing up at work whenever he pleased, he was receiving huge bonuses and some even claim he was worth more than his own bosses thanks to his lies. Whenever Beale would say he was working on a mission in Pakistan, he would go on a vacation or visit his parents in California. Through the last 13 years he has done so much damage to his country that the damages have been estimated to more than $1 million.


Beale is facing 32 months in jail and a $1.3 million fine.


Written by Patrick Bennet

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