Did you know that a US man staged home burglary in order to…


A guy from Florida decided to stay home instead of going to work, but he soon ended up in jail for the reason he stayed home in the first place.


Official reports state that Dwayne Yeager staged a home burglary in his own house. The 31 year old Yeager didn’t want to go to work and his wife was constantly telling him to do so, so he called the police and told him a made-up story about an alleged burglary. The guy reported that the door and the windows were open, his TV was lying on the floor and that there was a white car pulling over when he arrived home. When the Florida police came to the “crime scene” in order to question the neighbors and potential witnesses, it turned out nobody stood behind Yeager’s fables. The man had to confess he had made up the story and had to face a humiliating arrest.


He was released on a $500 bail, but his wife, neighbors and employers probably aren’t too happy with him right now.


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