Did you know that a US man won $650k from a lottery the day after his wife di…


A 55 year old man from California lost his wife to a heart attack earlier this month. The day after he became a widower he won a grand prize from the national lottery.

Timothy McDaniel [Left] (Credit: California Lottery)
Timothy McDaniel [Left] (Credit: California Lottery)

The 55 year old Timothy McDaniel still hadn’t washed his tears after losing his wife when he suddenly saw an opportunity to smile again the day after her passing. Mr. McDaniel had bought three “Lucky for Life” scratcher tickets for $1, $2 and $5 each. When he scratched the cheapest one he saw the engraved “LIFE” on it and couldn’t believe his eyes. The man admitted he never thought he could win when he bought the tickets, but he found a reason to smile after his unfortunate loss.

Mr. McDaniel immediately knew what he was going to do with his $650,000 prize from the lottery. He told the media he was going to eat lobster and steaks 6 days in the week, but that the money wouldn’t change who he is. He believes his wife has sent him the money in order to take care of his family.


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