Did you know that a US police officer handcuffed a firefighter who was helping…


A police officer from California apparently went astray since a video footage clearly shows that he tried to arrest a firefighter, who was only trying to help car crash victims.


The 36 year old Jacob Gregoire, who’s a 12 year old veteran from the Chula Vista Fire Department, got on a police officer’s nerves recently. Jacob and his colleagues were helping victims of a car accident when an unnamed officer from the California Highway Patrol stepped into the scene and asked Gregoire to move his vehicle. The firefighter refused to do so, since others needed his help more than the road needed clearance. His denial resulted in him being handcuffed and shoved in the police car. While the fire station’s camera kept rolling, the other firefighters tried to explain the case to the police officer. Gregoire was released with no charges.


Dave Hanneman, the Fire Chief, told the media his employee had been working under standard procedure. He added that the fire department’s priorities were to save peoples’ lives, even though the police’s ones were obviously clearing out the roads.


Written by Patrick Bennet

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