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Did you know that a US teacher was suspended after giving Lil Wayne …


Apparently the American rapper Lil Wayne is so great that his lyrics are now forming part of an English homework assignment.


According to official reports, an unnamed English teacher from Florida had trouble with teaching various literary devices to eighth graders and decided to put Shakespeare and Edgar Allan Poe on hold. Instead of classical writers and playwrights, he decided to use a more contemporary author named Dwayne Michael Carter. Carter, who’s better known as Lil Wayne, was featured in the schoolchildren’s homework assignment because the teacher thought his students would be better able to grasp the meaning of simile, metaphor, pun and other literary devices using his lyrics. The eight graders had to analyze the lyrics to Lil Wayne’s song “6 Foot 7 Foot”, which features some extreme offensive language and swearing. Unsurprisingly, the kids’ parents immediately took matters into their own hands.


The school’s headmaster suspended the English teacher for 3 days. According to reports, the unnamed teacher didn’t have any previous troubles with teaching and his record had been clean.


Written by Patrick Bennet

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